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“Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out”

Learning the use of camera equipment, lighting, editing and film history doesn’t simply make one a cinematographer. Visual storytelling is an art and cinematographers are those who master the technical and creative perspective of it. Understanding and experimenting with camera techniques, scene composition and even managing to work tightly with the entire film crew are required to become a great cinematographer. Cochin media school understands the growing need for extraordinary talents in the film industry and has curated the courses accordingly. Our dedicated curriculum revolves around the birth to launch of a cinema that encompasses cinematography, screenwriting, editing and directing. We offer our students a solid framework to create visual stories and calibrate with the tools they necessitate to infiltrate this rapidly-changing and evolving domain.

In the cinema industry, the cinematographer is accountable for the technological perspectives of the pictures ie, lighting, lens options, composition, exposure, filtration, film selection, but works closely with the director to assure that the creative aesthetics are supporting the director's concept of the narrative being recounted. Although the entire scope of cinematography means a lot more than pictures, the communication aspect of it makes it different than anything. Finalizing the finest equipment to comprise the ideal shot you had in mind may merely be a matter of devising a productive solution to fulfill your visual goals but it also requires comprehensive strategies that will help you build the shots you need.

Our cinematography courses are curated for the passionate ones who desire to do something more than just "show up and shoot". We train and teach our students to strategize and deliver the most creative, productive shoot possible.

Lighting - Camera movement - Where do you begin?

We are dedicated to providing flexible courses are composed to develop innovative storytelling techniques and contribute practical skills by instructing students in the use of professional cameras, both digital and conventional. The digital age has transformed the usage of cameras and photography. An exponential rise in the smartphone culture is also the reason for the inclination of millennials towards photography and graphic industry. One might think that the mastery of the camera and learning the fundamentals of editing might be the primal stepping stone of becoming a renowned photographer, but it's not. It is an eye for detail, inherent creativity for seeing the unseen and capturing the best angle, the best shot. Our intensive courses will help you remodel your creative instincts and will help you master the concepts of lighting, camera operation, framing, color correction, and grading.

Our Courses

Our Cinematography programs are ideal for aspiring filmmakers and passionate individuals keen to expand their expertise and experience of working in the camera department. Guided by the skilled camera and lighting specialists, this practical and in-depth curriculum provides training in various aspects of cinematography, including lighting, camera operation, focus, the field of depth, lens manipulation, DIT, color correction, and grading. The courses also provide a thorough understanding of the key roles on set, which will help and benefit the novice artisans to enhance the understanding and adapt to the industry. Upon graduation or diploma the professionals can acquire a wide multitude of career streams. Cinematographers can discover and explore work with film creation units, TV or video businesses, video production units, marketing video creators, studios and so on in India just as abroad.

Master Diploma

Duration : 24 months
Seats : 8

An extensive study of all disciplines of filmmaking and allied streams; with superior specialization in Cinematography and visual storytelling. The major highlights of this program are specific inputs in color, VFX parameters, grading, evaluated internship and hands-on experience in state-of-the-art multiple formats. The course consists of ten modules in four semesters; with twelve exercises as qualification for final grades.


Duration : 12 months
Seats : 14

Thorough research in filmmaking with a specialization in Cinematography. This study of motion-picture photography equips the learner with creative techniques of creating art and visuals. This program extends to lighting and lensing; along with the language and craft of image. The program consists of six modules in two semesters; with seven exercises as the qualification for final grades.



Cochin Media City Limited- the parent company of the institute is engaged in the process of setting up a self sustained media hub – the first of its king in India

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