Cochin Media School


‚Äč   FILM


                Film making is undergoing a sea change. Department of Film at Cochin Media School is engaged in a process of regular upgrade to educate and groom talents rich in craft and sensible in technique.

              A faculty panel of working professionals who are industry current, helps the students imbibe the best and the latest.





        Department of Television makes a critical approach to distinguish itself from mass-communication study.

                The three dimesional curriculum designs, outlined as crtitical, humanistic and social perspectives of television, help students portray their craft suting the sensitivities of social relevance and market compulsions.

Media professionals, technical wizards and critics lead the students in their studies.





              J School - the Journalism department of Cochin Media School caters to the ever increasing but insatiable demand for quality journalists.

                Some of the best names in the profession, both veterans with significant decades of hands on experience and working journalists with reputed institutions, mould students at J School.