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“The director must be a tyrant and a democrat, a dreamer and a realist, a rebel and a loyalist.”

The Film Direction Course provided by Cochin Media School gives an unrivaled perspective to film making, focussing on all its deviations including Adaptation, Characterisation, Script Writing, Directing, Cinematography, Editing and Sound design aspects of Filmmaking. The course is structured in such a way to exclude the hard student transition phase from the quad to the world of cinema, art and visual communication.

We comprehend the necessity of developing an individual style of storytelling and encourage students to follow their core sense of narratives, viewpoints and logic. The courses are made to make the film director’s task to envisage a way to interpret a story into a fully formed film, and then to realize this vision, much more seamless.

Millennial and post-millennial generation grows up in a virtual limbo where technical excellence is competing with the discernment between good and terrible evaluated in the means of the number of hits, virality, and media comments.

Cochin Media School bears off every learner from today's ironic reality and teaches them to accustom to a full-time-love-affair (unending exploration) with the art of cinema. and technical soundness.

Great filmmakers possess greater qualities such as ability to focus in life environments, utilize authorial skills, visual literacy, leadership and diplomacy skills, and last but not least, confidence to create under the extreme pressure of a movie production environment.

The capability and efficiency of a director depend on how he or she tells the story visually. The hard work and efforts to be worth and remembered can be daunting so the weeds are always thrown out of the industry and the talent and craft prevail to win.

With tailored programs in direction, defined by learning and understanding the artistic requirements of the media and technical necessities of the screen, and trends, students discover the language, craft and aesthetics of being a director. They master the techniques to integrate art, behavioral sciences and human psychology to deliver the coveted impactfulness on screen. These programs are designed to progress by enhancing the participant's ability to interpret the screenplay, to understand the codes, signs, grammar methods and tools of visual storytelling and to develop a writing flavor for the screen.

“I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand”

Hands-On Experience

Filmmaking itself is a cut-throat job, also marketing and making it big may appear to be a daunting mission. Nevertheless, the right education and training from the right institution can help you face the hurdles you'll confront along the way. We assure that every single participant for the programs will certainly be awed by the valuable skill-set they earn by "doing" instead of just observing or reading. The recurring opportunity to practice and experimenting will accelerate the learning experience and enhance proficiency. It transforms the students as a person to a professional who's mastered the imperial art of cinema.

Courses Offered

We provide workspaces with keen insight on all the levels of visual communication and nurture raw talent without hindering their internal growth. We pick the best, train the best and are trained by the best. This immaculate opportunity helps in nourishing relationships among industry peers, basic networking. We offer two kinds of vivid training programs for aspiring directors.

Master Diploma In Film Direction

Duration : 24 months
Seats : 8

The program consists of ten modules in four semesters; including twelve exercises as the qualification for final grades.

Focus Areas: Art of Filmmaking, Specialization in Direction, Scriptwriting, Related Technologies, Novice Trends Introduces, Practical Sessions, Ad Films, Production Management, Movie Marketing, Distribution

Popular Career Paths: Film direction, Advertisements, Marketing Video Production, Television program production, Screenwriting, Production Management, Marketing or Distribution.

Diploma In Film Direction

Duration : 12 months
Seats : 14

The program consists of six modules in two semesters; including seven exercises as the qualification for final grades.

Focus Areas: Art of Filmmaking, Specialization in Direction, Scriptwriting, Methods and Tools for Visual Storytelling

Career Paths:Film direction, Advertisements, Marketing Video Production, television program production, Screenwriting.



Cochin Media City Limited- the parent company of the institute is engaged in the process of setting up a self sustained media hub – the first of its king in India

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