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"Ability to get invisible in front of a gathering is magical. And magic works with sharp synchronisation and judicious action."

A Film Editor is a person skilled to perform an invisible art. According to revered editor Walter Murch, Film editors are like soccer goalies, playing the same game as everybody else, but with a different set of rules.

Film making is highly collaborative; but the editor often works alone, in search of the hidden from the pile of rushes. It is often presumed that a software can edit visuals for a film. And that, editing is all about learning softwares and digital platforms. This ignorance is as specific as having a spanner with no hands to use. For sure, a device can splice a shot and insert a transition. But it can never judge whether the cut worked and contributed to the whole of the film.

Film editing procedure is a creative job, much similar to fiction writing. In writing, the stages of the creative process are to write, re-write, re-write, and re-write. Editing process progress as view, re-view, re-view, review, and view until you forget that you are viewing.

An Editors primary task is to scrutinize the rushes to determine what worked and what didn’t. And this demands a deep understanding of film language.



Cochin Media City Limited- the parent company of the institute is engaged in the process of setting up a self sustained media hub – the first of its king in India

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