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Screen Acting

Can Acting be taught? Isn’t that a natural talent?

Yes, Acting can’t be taught, it can only be learnt. The key factor hence is the method of learning.

Yes, it certainly helps, to be born with the ability to perform. But acting is also something that has to be mastered through practice. Like any skill, it can be learned. It is the passion and perseverance that you have which make you a good actor, even if it doesn't come naturally.

Acting is a mix of talent and skill. Be it for a play or for the screen. While stage acting often challenges the actor to go wider to reach and improvise on the peer impulse, to feed the mood; film acting challenges you to go deeper to get more real and personal. Screen acting has its own parameters and demands. It is the camera that illuminate the inner world of the character and the actor is expected to allow himself to be open and unguarded.

Acting can never be a physical progression. It is ultimately a portrayal of emotion. And emoting can never happen mechanically. Acting works drawing resources from mind, body, brain, environment and the actors around. There's a lot an actor embrace from the experience of life. Playing a character is a complex process that cannot be separated from the life of the actor. At times actors are unable to let go of the emotions associated with their characters. Learning acting thus extends to getting groomed as a better individual, capable to manage body, voice and mind effectively.

At Cochin Media School, we familiarise the act of thinking about thinking. Through this we implant the ability to acquire, retain and transfer knowledge, while becoming confident, creative, reflective, life-long learners. Not to leave aside the routine methods of physical and emotional preparation, script assessment, character development, screen craft, dubbing, to audition, setiquette and more. But importantly, the best academics promote experimentation and exploration of yourself and your art.



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