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Sound Recording & Design

"A great sound system will only get you as far as the engineers' ability to mix."

Sound or audio engineering is the dedicated stream which deals with providing balancing and adjusting to sound sources with the help of equalization and audio effects, mixing reproduction, and reinforcement of sound. It can be termed as a creative hobby or profession for producing sound for film, radio, television, music, and video games. It's a mix of creative and technical education of sound. An audio engineer is a professional who designs, develops and builds musical technology working along with acoustical engineering, electronic engineering or musical signal processing. If you want to term them as a scientist for audio and music technology, you won’t be wrong.

Cochin media school educates and trains passionate and creative audio personnel to excel in the industry with Electronic sound Education following novice and fluctuating trends and technology. The education and training can be termed as practical experience and research practice for the development of musical and acoustic skills of the student or individual. Electronic music production, disc jockeying, and sound engineering are indeed some coveted training programs in the industry right now because of the growth of the industrial music scene and entertainment industry.

Our Sound engineering course is a curated journey with experienced and impassioned professionals to mold out the best artists with a perfectly balanced sense of technology and creativity in the sound and media industry.

Are you up to it?

Sound engineering can be defined as the heart of music-art performances. It is an end to end process which starts from conceptualization to delivering the sound of the future. Our incredible experienced faculty are capable of helping and tutoring students to master the art of sound-making from scratch. If you believe this is where you want to be then, you can send us your portfolio or profile via email or snail mail, you wish. Our selection procedure is purely based out of nothing but the talents and skills showcased. And if you are a beginner with much curiosity and passion towards the industry, write to us or dial-up our representatives in the mentioned number and we will get back to you in no time. If you think we are boasting about our crew, schedule a visit to our hub soon and we can have a short or long chat about music.

Do you want to be the musical scientist you have always dreamed of?

At Cochin media school we are dedicated to providing each student with the best knowledge anyone can share to become the best and known in the industry delivering exceptional results.

Our course delivers core practitioners who can choose a multitude of professions or roles such as sound designer, mixing engineer, location sound mixer recording engineer, Studio Sound Engineer, Audio Engineer, Studio Designer, Live Sound Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Music Arranger, Audio Post-Production, Music and Dialogue Editor, Location Recordist, Digital Media Entrepreneur, Sound Recordist, etc.

With the enhanced technological advancements and industry developments in the art of sound, opportunities and possibilities to excel are continuously emerging not shrinking. The booming music and entertainment industry is always evolving and new talents are always welcomed with enthusiasm. With the right kind of passion and perfect training, it is easier to excel and get to fame within the existing industrial infrastructure. Many of our alumni are successfully freelancing or have acquired a great career in entertainment, cinema and television industry.

Courses Offered

Master Diploma
Duration: 24 months
Seats: 8

We offer world-class, practical education in Sound Engineering with our full-time courses that come with quality certification. The courses' core highlight would be the engineering part of the sound design. The curriculum provides students with freedom for dual specialization in sound design and digital music. The course curriculum is ten modules in four semesters; with twelve exercises as the qualification for final grades.

Sound Recording & Design

Duration : 12 months
Seats : 14

The short term course in sound recording and design encompasses the recording and other practical aspects of music and sound. The custom specialization option is available for those who are passionate about sound formation in film making. The specialized sessions focus on visual language, the direct relations between visual and sound, soundscape creation, and capturing and modifying sounds according to the visual aspects.



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